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Descaler - Livlong

per 100 gm

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Environmentally Safe Descaler-Cum-Muck Clearner

Use for Cleaning household appliances such as Washing Machine, Dish Washers, Steam irons & Coffee Makers. 

For best results refer to appliances manufacturers' instructions.


Washing Machine

For your front-loading washing machine, empty the full packet in the main wash chamber of DD tray. 

In the case of Top loading washing machine empty the full packet in the washtub after taking in hot water with 45 degrees celsius to 60 degrees Celcius temperature and before the start of the wash cycle, without clothes. 

Run the washing machine till finish. 

Switch off the machine, clean, and refill the fluff filter. For normal washing of the clothes on the same day, use the machine after 30 minutes.


Dish Washer

Put 4 spoons full of cleaner in the powder dispenser of your Dishwasher and run the machine without any dish. 

For normal washing of dishes on the same day, use the machine after 30 minutes.



Consult the washing machine service engineer for proper guidance.

 Keep away from Children Avoid contact with eyes, if contacted, immediately wash them with running cold water and freshwater. 

If ingested induce vomiting, contact your doctor immediately.


Benefits of regular use of Descaling Powder

  • Reduces hard water scales.
  • Heating efficiency of the heaters improves and scaling of it gets reduced.
  • Reduction in Power usage, heating time and increased savings.
  • It helps in increasing the service life of the appliances.

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