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Organic food means food (fruits, vegetables, cereals, and grains) that has been grown without using fertilizers made from petroleum or sewage sludge, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified. Organic meat, dairy products and eggs come from animals that are left free to roam outside, and have not been administered antibiotics, growth hormones, and so on. We hear a lot about switching to organic food; but how many of us know what are the actual benefits of consuming organic food?

It’s Fresh

Organic food does not have any chemicals preserving it, which means it has a low shelf life; it won’t stay fresh for long in the store – and will start looking decayed or rotten in a couple of days. When you buy organic food that looks fresh, you can be sure that it is fresh naturally, and not induced to stay fresh through artificial means. And eating fresh produce is always the best.

No Pesticides

Food that is grown naturally according to the season, does not call for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, unless mass-produced food that is made to grow in unseasonable times. Spraying crops with fertilizers and pesticides means that the fruits, vegetables, and grains absorb some of them. And no matter how well you wash them, you can’t get rid of them. As organically grown food does not use pesticides, you are in no danger of consuming them.

Non- GMO food

Genetically modified organism food is from crops whose DNA has been altered so as it to make it tough; this helps it to grow in unfavorable climate, and withstand pests and weeds, so that it can be produced on a large scale. However, it is thought that eating food with altered DNA can adversely affect human health. You do not have to worry about this when you buy and consume organic food.

It’s more Nutritious 

When it’s organic, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, poultry, and meat are packed with nutrients – there are no foreign antibodies, they are grown in natural environments and produced by natural methods, organic food contains much higher nutrition than non-organic food.

It’s Tastier

Organic produce may not actually look very pretty, but it tastes much better than mass-produced food, due to the same reasons that it is more nutritious. The natural farming methods help retain the original taste, aroma, and nutrition.

It is Better for your Immunity

Mass-produced food contains growth hormones to increase the size of the produce, and other chemicals for all the crop to be ready for harvest at the same time. Similarly, livestock and animals are also full of antibiotics and hormones to increase meat content, milk production, and so on. The slow accumulation of these unwanted chemicals in our bodies can have serious health problems a few years down the line. They impact the immune system and can weaken the immune response.

Over and above these benefits for us as human beings, organic farming is also better for the environment, as it doesn’t use chemicals that can harm the soil, and the waters; growing crops by season also ensures that the nutrients in the soil get replenished natural.

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