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Mi Spray Plus

Mi Spray Plus is a new generation Silicone based non-ionic adjuvant which can be used with fungicides, insecticides & herbicides, 

PGRs and fertilizers to enhance their performance and effectiveness. 

It works as a sticker, spreader, rain fastener, activator and adjuvant which ultimately reduces cost and improves profitability.


Mi Spray Plus is

Non-ionic wetter, super spreader, Penetrants & surfactant

Produces rain fastness more quickly than typical surfactants

Superior leaf wetting, spreading & penetration

Increase effectiveness of Agro inputs

Increases soil wetting and maximizes effectiveness of soil fertilizers

Enhance penetration, wetting & spreading of broad range of agro chemicals via stomata

Better Spray coverage, within less water & agro chemicals.


Mi Spray Plus Benefits

Mi spray Plus benefits by several ways to Agriculture, Horticulture

Spreading Mi Spray Plus reduces surface tension of the spray water. 

It spreads a drop of water into 170 to 180 mm. Due to its ability to spread the water, it spreads little amount of pesticide on large area. 

Study results, Mi Spray increase efficiency of spreading by 30 to 60 percent.

Sticking Mi Spray when mixed with spray water forms thin layer over the plant parts. 

This layer cannot be washed out easily. 

Hence spray is not washed even when rainfall occurs for 30 mins. 

It prevents the loss of expensive agro chemicals and increases its efficiency.

Penetration Mi Spray Plus penetrates inside the plant leaf without harming the plant.

 It causes stomata flooding. 

While getting penetrated inside the plant leaf, Mi Spray carries the agrochemical with it.

 Hence the agrochemicals get totally used by the plant. 

Even the products like micronutrient fertilizers, which are hard to penetrate in the plant, leaf are easily taken inside by Mi Spray.

With Bio Pesticides/ Bio fertilizers/ organic pesticides Bio pesticides are slow in action as compared to chemical ones. 

Several environmental barriers are limiting factors for their effectiveness in field. 

Mi Spray Plus is proven to be compatible with several bio pesticides. 

It increases residual action as well as results of bio pesticides. 

Thus Mi Spray Plus works magically to bring more certainty in bio pesticide results.

In Floriculture Mi Spray is very useful in floriculture. 

It controls aphid, mealy bug, leaf miner like insects and red mites effectively where contact of pesticides is important factor. 

Spraying Mi Spray Plus before harvesting gives a shiny luster on the flowers and increases shelf life.

Spray Volume The dose of Mi Spray Plus is very low as compared to conventional sticker/ spreaders/ Penetrants.

Pesticide Stains Sulphur/copper based products makes spots on plant/fruit/flower. Uses of Mi Spray with these pesticides prevent pesticide stains & improve quality.


How to Use Mi Spray Plus

Mi Spray Plus can be used with almost all agrochemicals including insecticides, Fungicides, Miticide, Bactericides, 

Herbicides, Amino acid, Humic acid formulations, Micronutrient fertilizers etc.

Take half of water needed for spraying and add your pesticide/fertilizers as needed in the tank.

Add Mi Spray Plus in sufficient quantity to the tank and stir.

Add remaining 50% water and stir thoroughly.

Finish the mixture on same day of preparation. 



Maximum spray usage and distribution across leaf.

Reduces surface tension of spray solutions much more than conventional adjuvants.

Augments rain fastening under specific conditions.

Spreads quickly, carrying insecticide into the inaccessible sites inhabited by pest and to those parts of the crop canopy prone for infection by diseases.

Helps to unlock the power within plant & wide range of agrochemical formulations and nutrition products. It acts as a PERFORMANCE ENHANCER.

Many physical or environmental factors limiting the performance of agrochemical sprays can be alleviated or effectively managed with Mi spray.

More productivity with efficient use of costly inputs and water. Reduction in spray volume and numbers.

More profit with better quality produce.

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