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Groom Samba Rice | மாப்பிள்ளை சம்பா அரிசி |

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Mappillai Samba rice was grown organically and procured from farmers under the direct supervision of our company. 

No chemicals were added and not undergone any refinement process

 1) It is called a groom’s rice because when a man started eating Mappillai Samba rice before his marriage, it gives him an immense power.

 2) It is enriched in proteins, fibers and salts. It supports nerve health. It has the property to control diabetes

Many traditional rice varieties have been cultivated in India and Tamil Nadu. 

Later in the day only certain varieties of paddy were cultivated and many varieties of paddy disappeared from use.

It is said that there were about 22,292 traditional paddy varieties in India alone. 

But at present only 100 to 150 varieties of paddy are in circulation. 

Rice is one of the most widely used traditional rice varieties in the world today. There is a reason for the name “Groom Samba”.

In earlier times when a woman was looking for a groom she would put the eldest stone to sleep to test the strength of the groom and then marry the bride. 

The name ‘Groom Samba’ is given to this rice as it gives the sleeping strength of such an elongated stone. 

If the groom drinks the juice of samba rice, the son can easily lift the stone. Groom Samba stands out in giving that much strength to the body.

Medicinal properties of Groom Samba

Ancestors have said that “groom samba” rice is usually eaten by men at weddings. 

Not only this, with the help of protein, fiber and salt you can make samba. 

These can also be taken by diabetics. It is full of medicinal properties that can control diabetes. 

Strengthens the nerves.

Groom samba juice

Groom samba rice-¼ bowl, whey-a little, shallots -5, salt-required amount.

Soak the traditional groom samba rice for two hours and then add two cups of water and cook on low heat. 

Take the well-boiled asparagus and let it cool down then cover it with a little water. 

Do this at night. Get up in the morning, add more water to the pot, dissolve it well, add buttermilk, salt and small onion. 

Drinking this liquid on an empty stomach in the morning will control many ailments. Strengthen the body.

Groom samba rice can also be eaten with the daily meals like itli, dosa, mixed rice and sambar rice. Idiyappam, pudding, pudding etc. can be made and eaten as per the wishes of the children.

Groom samba rice is high in immunity. Groom-rich samba rice, which is rich in iron and zinc, can help prevent excess body fat, low blood pressure and heart attack.

Excess fiber in it prevents cancer. Groom samba rice, which does not change the traditional nature of the natural farming system, is produced and sold. 

So let’s live a healthy life by using Mappillaisamba rice in our diet which helps in health and physical strength.

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