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Air Purifier - CUCKOO

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Open up your home to pure air with Cuckoo Air Purifier - Modicare

 Cuckoo is Korea’s no. 1 kitchen and living appliances brand  – known for world class electronic products. 

This air purifier ensures 99.9%* airborne particles and allergen free air, thanks to True HEPA filter and it’s 3-stage Filtration and UV LED. 

With these exceptional features, air inside your home will be as pure and fresh as that in the world’s most unpolluted places.


Get pure and fresh air with 3 stages of filtration + UV LED sterilization for optimal air cleanliness:

a) Pre Filter, the first stage of filtration removes large sized particles such as dust, hair and fur.

b) True HEPA Filter, the second stage of filtration removes up to 99.9%* of airborne particles & allergens as small as 0.3 um

 such as dust, smoke, mold, pollen and microbes.

c) Active Carbon Filter, the third stage of filtration removes unpleasant odours & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

d) UV LED produces UV-C type radiation which has deodorization and anti-bacterial properties

· Up to 550 sq.ft. Coverage

· CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) - 329.23m3/h

· Auto mode

· Child lock

· Portable- Easy to move

· 3 Fan Speed (High, Moderate & Sleep mode)

· Timer


1. Intuitive Control Panel helps you control the air quality by selecting Auto mode, Sleep mode or UV Light mode. 

Also, customizes the time by offering 2, 4 and 8 hour timer options

2. Three (3) Colours Air Quality Sensor indicates real-time air quality with 3-coloured LED lighting 

(Blue – Best Air Quality, Yellow – Normal Air Quality, Red – Poor AirQuality)

3. Filter Change Indicator alerts when filter needs to be changed. One filter lasts 3000 hours (up to 2 years) ^

*As per test reports

^Depending upon usage and environmental conditions


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